At EDU, we believe that understanding the goals and needs of users is at the core of creating effective, relevant and stimulating learning experiences. 

Through in-depth interviews, observation and data collection, we can uncover insights that will help illuminate what will make your users—learners, instructors, leaders—feel engaged, supported and empowered. Intentional design that looks holistically at the people, products, activities and environments in which learning occurs will create a seamless experience for the members of your community. This foundational design provides direction on communication, strategy and more. And all of our designs focus on building in feedback loops and success metrics so that you are able to iterate and continuously improve. 

How We Can Help

  • User Research helps you to understand how your community interacts with the people, products and environment in a learning experience. We do this through interviews, observation and data collection.
  • Experience Design is the practice of creating products, services, events and environments that focus on the quality of the experience for the user. We work to create culturally relevant solutions that make the learning experience rich and streamlined. 
  • Implementation Planning will help integrate the new initiatives into your company's overall objectives. We can give you tools and tangible next steps to help execute and manage the implementation of your new designs.
  • Training & Facilitation will empower your team to effectively utilize tools to make their own design decisions moving forward.

EDU in Action

To learn more about the types of projects we work on, please read our Examples of Work. To hear from our partners about their experience, please check out our Testimonials